Friday, January 5, 2018

To my husband

In continuing my journey into a long-term gratitude practice, the next person to whom I would like to express the utmost thanks is my husband. A wonderful, caring man with a pun-based, sometimes irreverent sense of humor to match my own, he is the husband I had always hoped for and dreamed of.

I think the best way to thank him would to list the things I appreciate the most, though I am certain that list would be far from fully complete.

To my dear husband, thank you so much for:

  • being a true partner in everything, from baby care to bill paying to cooking and housework. Rather than 'helping around the house', you see us as a team, and demonstrate that every day through your actions.
  • taking such good care of me and baby postpartum. You waited on us hand and foot, and never complained once about how exhausted you were. I am certain that my speedy healing and recovery was because of you.
  • listening to my new motherhood woes, and for your empathy and understanding when things get tough.
  • calling me every day to ask how things are going.
  • giving me such a beautiful, smart, and sweet little daughter.
  • being such an amazing, loving father.
  • always wanting me to reach my full potential, and being flexible enough so we can work together to bring my career goals within reach.
  • coming from such a kind, wonderful, accepting family.
  • the cultural richness and fascinating new worlds you have shown me.
  • exposing me to different types of music and movies.
  • valuing my opinions and showing such respect for my mind and intellect.
  • talking to me about your research and things that interest you.
  • having your own style of romance- I know that every hug, kiss, and sweet gesture is unique to you and from the heart.
  • making me laugh so much, no matter what is going on in our lives.
  • being you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Vinay, I love you so much!

This is an entry for the Gratitude practice I am slowly developing during 2018. Please feel free to read all about it here
May all beings be happy!

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