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Hello! My name is Renata, and I adopted Buddhism as a way of life in 2007. After completing my graduate degree in Plant Biology, I began a teaching post-doc position at a large university on the east coast. My husband and I have been married since 2011, and very much still enjoy each other's company. Though I have learned and accomplished in my first teaching position, I resigned in 2017 to stay home and take care of our daughter until my husband and I both settle down into our careers.

I 'discovered' Buddhism totally by accident. After gaining some knowledge about Buddhism, I wanted to share my thoughts with others- and continue to learn more. Here at ByChanceBuddhism, I write about my spiritual journey and also hope to share the practical and spiritual wisdom of others. 

Another goal of BCB is to discuss and advocate simple living, which I think is closely tied to Buddhism. There is nothing wrong with ownership and ambition, but having a simpler approach to one's possessions can free up a lot of valuable energy and potential. I am currently seeking to resolve my own struggle between material desires and contentment through thrift, gratitude, and mindfulness.

I want to write about Buddhism and living simply because I feel passionate about these topics, and have found that incorporating these into my life have been of huge emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefit. Through my writing, I hope to share these benefits with others. 

Finally, I should mention that the major theme of BCB for the past year has been gratitude. The birth of our daughter, although a very joyous occasion, was a huge adjustment for me, physically, mentally, emotionally, and professionally. After experiencing a hefty dose of emotional upheaval, I chose gratitude as a way to make sense of (and make peace with) how my world has changed, which, it turns out, has been mostly for the better. For more details, feel free to click the 'Current Gratitude Practice' tab on the main page.

As for the 'rest' of me, I love science, yoga, reading, decorating/decluttering, hiking, and going to museums and botanical gardens with my husband and daughter. My short term goals are to meditate more consistently, learn more about the Buddhist scriptures, find a teaching position in my field, and to work towards feeling more 'comfortable in my own skin' through a diet and exercise. 

May all beings be happy!


  1. Hi it's nice to find a fellow Canuck here. I followed a link from Karma Rinchen Tashi's blog to here. I have added you to my follow list, and will add your blog to my online Sangha (arya)list, so that others may find you as well.

    1. Hello Keith! Thanks so much for following me here at BCB, I really appreciate it!

      With Metta,

      PS: I am not Canadian, but I think you may have gotten that idea from my link ending in .ca . I have no idea why it shows up like that! Anyway though, thanks for the compliment, Canada is a beautiful country!


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