Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thank you Mama

My first expression of gratitude this year goes back to the very beginning- represented by the wonderful, amazing woman who is my mom. I honestly don't know what to write - how do you thank the person who carried you and gave you life? But I will write that she is a huge part of who I am today. Not only has she done all the things a good mother does, such as keeping me fed, clothed, safe, and feeling very loved, but she has taught me so much. There were of course several important teachers along the way, but I count her as the first person in my life who ignited my interest in and passion for nature, specifically those mysterious beings we call plants. 

She also taught me how to behave myself, be considerate to others, and to think for myself. Guiding me through childhood with her own brand of fair but no-nonsense discipline, she also became my close friend and confidant during those awkward teen years, and has remained so ever since. Though I am now married with a family of my own, she is still a beacon of wisdom, comfort, and incredible strength, and a faithful source of wittiness and sassy humor during both good and not-so-good times.

Mama, I know you have worked so hard and sacrificed so much for your children. I also know there were many things you could not do or experience because of our existence. But I want you to know that the gratitude I feel for all you've done comes not only from the bottom of my heart, but from the core of my being. 

With deepest gratitude I thank you Mama- I love you so much.  

This is an entry for the Gratitude practice I am slowly developing during 2018. Please feel free to read all about it here

May all beings be happy! 

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