Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear 2011 . . .

You sure were one hell of a year.

You have witnessed my fear for the life of a loved one, and seen me rejoice at her recovery.
You have made me recoil at the ugly behavior of people I formerly trusted towards others I care deeply about.
You have shown me fun times in celebrating milestones and wishing farewell to good friends.
You have allowed me to stumble and make mistakes that put undue stress on others, and seen me apologize for them.
You have shown me the difficulty of doing things for myself, and also the satisfaction of seeing the results.
You have seen me experience the epicenter of gut-wrenching stress, and shown me the inner turmoil and mental exhaustion that creates.
You have also shown me that given these consequences, stress like this is not only healthy, but also often unnecessary.
You have witnessed me disappoint my mentors and myself.
You have shown me firsthand that money comes and money goes.
You have made me question my abilities, goals, and motives, and begin to take on a new attitude.
You have seen my interest, confusion, and awe as I traveled to a foreign land and was immersed in the culture.
You have shown me what its like to be at the full mercy of plodding, inefficient bureaucracy.
You have seen my sadness at missing special holiday times with family. 
You have witnessed the two beautiful, meaningful ceremonies that began my lifelong commitment to my loving husband.

 . . .  And 2011, you are now over.

From the depths of fear and self-doubt to the heights of happiness and enjoyment, I have experienced so much during 2011. But as milestones pass and lessons are learned, they each irrevocably become part of the past.

In life, the past is there to learn from, the future to plan and hope for. But living itself can only take place in the present moment.

Here's to a mindful, moment by moment 2012!

May all beings be happy!