About BCB

Hello fellow sentient beings! Thanks for stopping by.

I just want to briefly outline what this blog is about. 

A few years ago, I *by chance* discovered Buddhism as a way of life. Learning about and practicing Buddhism has helped me develop a healthy spirituality, and inspired me in my thoughts, actions, and attitude towards daily life. In 2010 I decided to write about the lessons I have learned on the Buddhist path and share them with others.

This blog focuses on three major topics:
Basic Buddhism
Buddhist concepts and daily life
Learning to live simply and according to daily rhythms

I am a relative newcomer to Buddhism, so here is not where you'll find detailed explanations of scriptures. But what I hope you will find is a blog with meaningful posts, and a sense of community between lifelong Buddhists, non-Buddhists, and 'budding Buddhists' like myself.

Finally, I believe that sometimes we learn the most from simple wisdom shared by others. I look forward to reading about your views and experiences in the comments. 

With that, I welcome you to ByChanceBuddhism, and hope you enjoy your visit.

May all beings be happy!