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Hello, my name is Renata, and I am very happy to have you visit me here at ByChanceBuddhism!

A few years back, I was going through an emotionally tough time. I asked a lot of 'why?' kinds of questions, and ramped up my usual challenge of authority and the status quo. 

I also longed for a spiritual life. 

Although not religious, my parents raised me with strong moral beliefs. I decided that what I needed was to incorporate that intuitive morality in a spiritual way. But I hadn't the slightest idea how.

Then one day I opened a book titled 'Open Heart, Clear Mind,' by the Tibetan Buddhist nun and abbess, Thubten Chodron. Stunned, I devoured the book in less than a day, because page after page, most of the contents reflected what I had believed all my life.

What are those beliefs?
1) To live a good life that is beneficial to others, but to also not forget to take care of yourself.
2) To adhere to basic moral beliefs of right and wrong, and disregard the divisive and superficial.
3) To be accepting of others, and not pity or condemn them because they are different. 

Since then I have found that these are what the Four Noble Truths, Noble Eightfold PathFive Moral Precepts, and pillars of Wisdom and Compassion embody. Simple concepts, yet very, very powerful.

At least powerful enough for a skeptic like me to get some type of spiritual foothold. Previously, the idea of following any type of "ism" turned me off. I have never been a conformist, so I felt resigned to randomly practice some nebulous type of spirituality by myself, with no rhyme or reason.

But while learning about Buddhism, I found that I can put basic guidelines into practice everyday, with clear purpose. This has had an enormously positive impact on my life.

I started this blog mostly because I want to reach out to people like me, who had not been brought up in a Buddhist culture, and learn more from others. I also think it would be nice to try and remove the mystery from Buddhism, and present it as the practical and realistic way of life it is. Basic Buddhist principles are simple and can be practiced by anyone, and can therefore be of great benefit to an amazingly broad range of people. And hey, if my experiences along the Buddhist Path can somehow provide some insight that benefits others, I'm good!

So what do I know about Buddhism? Very little, compared to many. I am just a beginner, stumbling along the Path, learning as I go. But I think it would be great to share what I learn along the way- and also to discover the wisdom that people like you have to offer. I very much look forward to reading your comments, and to great conversations about Buddhism and daily life!

May all beings be happy!


  1. I too am only beginning my journey... hopefully we can learn some things together. Your blog is so full of information and insight. I absolutely love it ..thanks for sharing with us.....:)

    1. Thanks so much quietmind279- I am glad to share all these things, and also look forward to our learning together.

      May you be happy!

  2. I love your blog. I am just now retracing my steps back to Buddhism after a rough, confusing period in my life. But I am back! What would you suggest that I do to get back into the swing of things like I used to? Thank-you for blogging and have a great night/day/afternoon! :D


    1. Dear Merry,

      Thanks so much for visiting BCB. I am glad you like it :) I know what you mean about going through difficult times. It's funny, it was not like I was 'looking for' something, but when I happened upon a book discussing Buddhist concepts, I was amazed to find that the what was written in those pages is what I had believed all my life- That is why I call my blog ByChanceBuddhism :)

      As for 'getting back', take it step by step and be gentle with yourself. Spiritual development is a process that takes persistence and effort, but also takes time.

      Thank you so much for sharing.

      With Metta,



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