Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How gratitude is helping

This post is not necessarily directed at any one thing I am grateful for, but to discuss how practicing gratitude has been helpful in my daily life. Anyone who knows me can vouch that I love my daughter dearly, and that I think she is the cutest and the sweetest. But, let's face it, one-year-olds can, ahem, try one's patience. When my little one is acting up (the latest is dropping food from the highchair while looking at me defiantly), one thing that helps me not get (as) annoyed is to think about and feel grateful for my own mother and her patience for my antics as a tiny tot. This does not mean I back away from the situation, but adding the element of gratitude to the mix helps diffuse the tension and makes me feel so much better. 

So, in a way this post is another thank you to my mom (and I am sure there will be more :) ), but I hope that my discovery of using gratitude to cultivate and inspire patience is helpful to someone out there as well.
Post is an entry for the Gratitude practice I am developing during 2018. Please feel free to read all about it here
May all beings be happy!

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