Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dial the Dharma!

Ever hear of Dial a Prayer? Well, this is the Buddhist version!!! Dial-the-Dharma is a telephone service offered by Bright Dawn Institute for American Buddhism, a group based in California. The Bright Dawn website has also listed some interesting spiritual programs.

The number to call for Dial-the-Dharma is (847) 642-4290. I have the number programmed into my phone. I use the service regularly, and often find the message interesting and helpful. Sometimes the tape they play is kind of scratchy and distorted, which is quaint, in a way :)

Update: When calling the center a few days back, there was a message stating the area code will soon change to 847 (or, as they put it, 'VIP' :). They have also become computerized, and so the messages are now thankfully much more clear.

Happy Dharma Dialing, May all beings be happy!

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