Sunday, January 17, 2010

Waking early: A tentative schedule

Here is a loose schedule based on what I have decided works and doesn't:

5am: Get up (or at least hear alarm) :)
5:15am: Meditation, Yoga, get ready, pack breakfast (eat breakfast in the next hour)
6:30-7am: Arrive at work, begin the day
7-9:30, 11:30am: Work, then go to gym/class, tie up loose ends for the morning work
12 or 2pm: Lunch, depending on the day
2-3 more hours of work, go home, rest, then work on writing, reading, cooking, etc.
Bed early

The main disadvantage I can foresee about this schedule is I might just get cheated out of doing the stuff I most want to do! I just have to keep my resolve and not let mundane events interfere with my goals!

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