Sunday, January 17, 2010

My First Week: Cold Turkey

So last week was my first week of getting up at 5am. Or at least four days of setting the alarm at 5am, and two days of getting up at 5:40am. Before you judge, please remember that I am a sloth by nature, and that sleep is my drug, my escape, my comfort, my vice. So this is real progress for me, at least initially. I have read on other blogs that it is best to start out at the time you normally get up (and go to bed), then work your way back to your goal in 15 minute increments each night. But I imagine people that give that advice usually already have a pretty tight routine that extends into the weekend, either because they have little ones that wake them up in the early hours 7/365, early morning commitments on the weekend,  a demanding job, or all the the above!! Honestly, my schedule is too loosey-goosey for that. I could go to bed at 10pm on a weeknight, and 3am on a weekend. Naturally, this also makes when I get up pretty variable, and doing the 15 minute increment thing pretty near impossible. So although it would probably be gentler on my body to slowly progress to 5am, I'll have to just do it cold turkey.

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