Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mindfulness: Gathas to the Rescue!!

The word gatha comes from Sanskrit, meaning speech, verse or song. In Buddhism, gatha is sometimes used to refer to a verse from the sutras (scripture). However, here we refer to gathas as mini poems of mindulness; ones you can say to yourself as you are going about your day. I own a book of gathas by Barbara Ann Kipfer titled, "201 Little Buddhist Reminders: Gathas for Your Daily Life."

Here is one beautiful gatha I really like, called 'a flower':

 "Earth and sky joined to create this flower. 
Its beauty is a gift. 
When I see this flower, I look deeply into the present moment and smile."

Nice, huh? The book is full of such gathas, and is a wonderful way to reconnect with the present moment.

Looking for more? Here is a nice little article about gathas from a group in Canada called True Peace Toronto.

May all beings be happy- and mindful! 

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