Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Introducing: Venerable Sik Ji Xing

During my first year participating in the Purdue Buddhist Society, I had the great privilege of hearing a Dharma talk by Venerable Sik Ji Xing of Panang, Malaysia. Ven. Ji Xing is the current president of just completed his term as the president of BAUS, or Buddhist Association of the United States and also holds a senior position in the Pahang Buddhist Association in Malaysia. He spends half the year in Malaysia, and half traveling across the United States by way of Carmel, NY. As of 2009, I have heard him speak two times, and have benefited greatly from each talk. One thing that has struck me was his universal, human approach to things, especially on the subject of 'daily practice'. Each time someone in the audience has asked him about this, he has been very enthusiastic in his response, yet did not give an answer anyone expected. Instead of referring to daily rituals, meditation techniques, etc., the Venerable talked at length about how to maintain one's health! As he says, 'If you are healthy, you are beautiful, If you are happy, you are lovely". Ven. Ji Xing's way of teaching has greatly impacted me in his emphasis on the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

Given his inspirational outlook on life, I will no doubt be posting about Venerable Ji Xing in the future.

May all beings be happy!

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  1. Dear Renata,

    If you have further question that you like to ask Venerable Ji Xing, please contact me via facebook https://www.facebook.com/greekgod.w.ming. I will gladly posed your question to him. I hope he remember you as well so that he can answer you correctly.

    I met him two weeks ago and ask whether he will be going back to US but he said they don't exactly need him there so he won't be going back anytime soon.

    Peace be with you.


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