Sunday, January 17, 2010

A funny false impression: Buddha was Chinese!

About a week ago my boyfriend and I were watching a really neat show on the Travel Channel about modern-day 'castles' in America. There was one in Montana called 'Running Water', with water from a 70deg hot spring running through the house and surrounding grounds. What a fascinating and beautiful home!! As the narrator was giving the tour, he pointed out a beautiful statue of Shakyamuni Buddha on the front porch,  'And guests are welcomed by a statue of an ancient Chinese deity . . .' This sent my boyfriend and I into peals of laughter, since the historical Buddha was definitely Indian!! I guess that is how false impressions of things are created!! I could not find the video, I did come across the full article about the American castles episode, which was even more wrong. The description of the statue on the porch reads as follows, "When guests enter Running Water, they are greeted by an ancient Chinese guard in front of a rough-hewn Montana pine door."

I was not offended, but just surprised about how such a well-known figure could be so easily mistaken!! :)

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