Living Simply

Browsing the web, it is easy to see that a revolution is brewing. People from all walks of life are fighting to get out of debt, and digging themselves out from under years worth of clutter. They have rejected rampant consumerism and embraced minimalism and sustainability.

The Buddha taught that, as human beings, we have a tremendous amount of potential. If we are not careful, that potential can be hampered by our attachment to material possessions and worldly desires. However, the good news is that our own awareness can tell us when our 'stuff' starts getting in our way.

After dealing with having too much stuff over several years and moving two apartments, I have also been persuaded that 'less is more'. Over the past year, I have tried to make living more simply a priority. I believe that by simplifying the home, wardrobe, schedule, and commitments, anyone can make more room in their life for what they feel is most important- and also begin to unleash that great ocean of positive human potential that carries us towards our goals.

Finally, in my efforts to live simply I have decided to get back to basics, by being in tune with the patterns and rhythms of nature. To do this I have chosen to follow the Ayurvedic concept of Dinacharya, or daily routine. Please feel free to navigate the links below if you would like to learn more about Dinacharya and Ayurveda.

I invite you to join me in my adventures in trying to implement a 'Middle Way' approach to simple  and intuitive living, by making small and frequent positive changes.

May all beings be happy!

From The Beginning
The Full Story

Everyday Joys
Middle Way Minimalism
Connecting with Intuitive Wisdom
Starting Anew, Starting Small
Minimalism = Wastefulness? 

Living simply:
Spring 2012

In Tune with Life's Rhythms
The basics
My Practice So Far
My Dinacharya Notebook

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