Saturday, April 21, 2012

Packing light #1

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that one of my short-term goals for living simply is to take a trip and pack light. Well, last month I did just that, and learned a lot from it. The duration of my trip was eight days, seven nights. Before I left I checked the weather forecast, which predicted highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s- very balmy indeed for upstate New York in March! I took warm clothes, but not the heavy winter items I would have needed in December and January. The items I packed are listed below, along with a few pics.

Black trench coat
Cobalt blue cashmere sweater
messenger-style laptop bag

plain black t-shirt
grey t-shirt
navy top
black blouse with beads
teal knit

Blue boot cut jeans
Black skinny jeans
Running pants

Red flats
Black suede knee-high boots

skinny black belt
small black handbag
outdoor headband
light cotton gloves
Teal wool scarf
Paisley pashmina shawl
3 prs earrings
1 necklace
1 bracelet

1pr leggings
1 black camisole
black long-sleeved undershirt
8 prs socks

What I learned:
Packing light is great. It was really nice to have a suitcase that was light and easy to manage. Having selected some of my favorite, most comfortable, and easily coordinated clothing, I did not feel ‘deprived’ of fashion choices. The clothing I chose was also versatile, so I was able to carry it through shopping, walking in the woods, hanging out and going out to dinner. Packing fewer clothing items also meant that could take three pairs of shoes, which made the items I packed even more versatile. 

All the clothes I packed for my trip, including a scarf and pashmina shawl. 

 Accessories, including purse, gloves, headband, and belt. Leggings and camisole are underneath. 


My beloved trench coat, a gift from my husband.

My few regrets: I wish I had packed one more sweater, one for lounging, one for being out and about. Cashmere sweaters are great because they are lightweight and don’t take up much space in a suitcase, but are still very warm. Although they might seem like a major wardrobe splurge, cashmere sweaters are often marked down 50-75% just after Christmas. I have also found really decent ones at the Goodwill for under $15, but that also requires patience – and mad hunting skills ;)

Next was reading material. Attempting to pack light, why did I take both my Kindle and a magazine? I don't know. But next time I will choose only one.

Finally, next time I travel light I will also bring some Downy wrinkle releaser. My clothes did not look wrinkled or smell bad after more than one use, but I think this product will help clothing items stay presentable and even fresher while airing them out. 


Did you enjoy this post? What tips and tricks do you have for packing light? Please share in the comments below!

May all beings be happy!


"He who would travel happily must travel light." ~ St. Exupery


  1. Very wise!

    For me, I would have to bring along my favorite tea as well as the clothes on my back.

    1. Thanks so much, Lon! Yes, tea is important too- I usually bring some anise and chamomile tea with me to help relax after a long day traveling.

  2. Nice planning! In my recent Japan trip of 2 weeks, I packed fairly lightly. However, I'm sure I can do better next time. Size 12 shoes can make it a challenge :). When we went to Florida several years ago, along with a cruise, I assumed that Orlando was going to be warmer (it was January) than what it actually was. I had to buy a heavy sweatshirt in a Disney store and I had a couple back home in Minnesota which I did not bring. Checking the weather is certainly a good idea.

    1. Hello Dan! Well, I am sure that you probably have a few tips about packing light that you can share- going such a long distance is the ultimate test for packing light. I am sorry you were 'caught in the cold' in Orlando - I only checked the weather in upstate NY because it can be so brutal- but was pleasantly surprised! :)

      Happy Travels!


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