Monday, February 8, 2010

My Posting Philosophy

Better late than never, right? Well, maybe not, but I thought it would be useful to post something about what I aim to accomplish in my posts.

My main objective for this blog is to share my journey of learning about Buddhism with others. I also want to make sure that the resources I use are indicated so that readers can benefit from this information as well. That is why as often as possible, I will try to link my posts to sources that might be a little off the beaten path of the information superhighway. I love Wikipedia, but since everyone readily utilizes this great tool, I felt that part of my role was to help people looking for information about Buddhism branch out a little. In the rare instances where I do link to Wikipedia, I do so for abstract and/or complex definitions or concepts, just because they are usually so well-explained. 

So happy reading, I hope this blog meets your expectations in finding useful information!!

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