Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My motivation: Making Sure it Stays Where it Should

As I have stated in my About and Blog Details sections, I really wanted to start this blog because of my desire to help others discover Buddhism, and also to learn about myself. As someone new to Buddhism, I initially felt it was difficult to get information about certain things, from social issues such as gender and ethics; sometimes even basic concepts. I wanted to help ease that gap that a Western newcomer as myself might feel, and provide some kind of link, however small, to helping people access what they want to know about Buddhism.

I discussed the idea of starting this blog with my boyfriend, and he was more than encouraging. I began writing, and just dove into it. I am still astounded that my passion has not waned, even though I have few visitors and even fewer followers (many thanks to them, though!!). I have so many ideas, and so many topics I want to write about. I have tried blogging before, and failed miserably simply because I wasn't passionate enough about the topic. Now I am, and it feels great!

To tell the truth, given how burnt out I have been feeling about my dissertation work, writing here is often much more gratifying (There, I said it!). That doesn't mean I think my work has no value, or that I can slack off doing it, but this just how I feel.

It seems that every time I sit down in front of my computer, all kinds of ideas of what to write about Buddhism flood into my head, and I have the almost irresistible urge to write a new post. This leaves me to ponder if I should try to keep better tabs on separating blogging and dissertation writing/labwork, especially because it has occurred to me that this zeal could simply be another form of procrastination. And that's not what I want this great pursuit to become. So I will keep posting, of course, but also do my best to live in the present moment while I am at work.

"Actions motivated by attachment, aversion, or ignorance, regardless of any external appearances, are simply not Buddhist practices." Lorne Ladner

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