Friday, February 5, 2010

Mini-retreat #1: Stress, Mindfulness and Technology

Okay, so in my last post I said that I was going to use this coming weekend to go on a little personal mini-retreat. I talked mostly about technology, how my generation was there to witness an explosion of innovation, and stated my question of how our access to technology may affect our practice and levels of mindfulness.

But I would like to add to that. Another reason for my mini-retreat is to determine the roots of stress, anxiety, and insecurity. And no, I am not going to duck under the covers and hide, but use my time this weekend to see what it feels like to just experience, in a spiritual and mindful way. 

Apart from 'unplugging' myself from technology, meaning TV, iTunes, phone (although I will still receive incoming calls) and dun, dun DUN . . . the internet, I hope to reconnect myself with me, my loved ones, and all sentient beings. Sounds new-age-y and deep, maybe a little cheesy, but I think that temporarily unplugging from technology and reconnecting with what really matters go hand in hand.

I know that doing this will not give me all the answers, but I hope it will help shed light on what triggers the disconnect between our minds and hearts. Moreover, I would like to delve into what distracts us from getting to know our minds and our true selves- and try to bridge that gap.

Given that I have banned myself from using my laptop this weekend, I will keep a notebook of what I experience, so I can share it with you! Stay tuned . . .

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