Thursday, February 25, 2010

Loving 43Things

I know that 43Things is not exactly a new website, but up until now I hadn't looked at it. I am really happy I did, and to my amazement I have come up with 41 things that I would like to do!! I have shared some of these here on ByChanceBuddhism, but this is an extensive list. Most of the things are just small ways in which I would like to improve my life and those around me, with a few major goals, like 'Attend a Buddhist seminary school' and 'Learn Tamil'. At first I thought coming up with such a list would be overwhelming, but it actually has been really empowering. I look at the things on my list and say, 'Wow, look at all these cool goals!'. Plus, another nice thing about the site is that people can cheer your goals and accomplishments, as you can theirs. An all around good thing.

For my full list of 'Things' please see the list on the sidebar of this blog.

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