Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Linked Goodreads to my Blog!!

For a while now I have wanted to embed a widget that shows what I am currently reading, and with a little maneuvering I have done just that :)

Yesterday I came across the website Goodreads ( which is a type of networking tool for avid readers such as myself. Members can display the books they have read, are currently reading or want to read, and accompany the books listed on their virtual bookshelves with ratings and reviews. Also, members can indicate if they own each book they have read, and even arrange for a book swap with someone else. Pretty neat!

At first I had a little trouble linking Goodreads to Blogger, but when I looked it up, I easily found the following useful presentation on Slideshare. The demo presentation is for the most part accurate, except that the 'widget' link is now located on the left hand side of the 'my books' page. Also know that the file name they give in the demo is just an example- you can choose any file name that is appropriate to your blog, etc. NOTE: This widget does not work on Wordpress or LiveJournal blogs. Finally, please keep in mind that the default settings for your Goodreads account somehow display your location, so make sure you take a look at your account settings to ensure greater privacy, if that is what you wish.

You can now see books I am currently reading in the sidebar of ByChanceBuddhism, so check it out!!

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