Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Living Simply: From the Beginning

Well, maybe not the beginning. But it is time to downsize a little. Maybe a lot. This was something I had realized long ago, but have not put into full action- yet.

The real wake up call was during and after my move to the east coast. My husband and I moved so much STUFF, my stuff from my apartment, into the pod, into our apartment, moving of his stuff to accommodate my stuff. We are still dealing with STUFF!

And all I can say is, "ugh".

Another realization was that of everything I unpacked, there was very little I was truly happy to see again. I have used that knowledge to my advantage by being aware of my emotions as I unpacked. If there was a twinge of guilt, annoyance, or burden, I questioned whether I needed or even wanted the item.

So I did a lot of questioning. Some of my interrogations were stronger than my attachment to the item, others were not. But I know that it is a process, and will take time to undo attachments I have. But I have realized what I want and do not want from the things I own.

I would like my possessions to:
1) be useful to me and my lifestyle
2) not burden me emotionally
3) be cherished
4) not burden me or my lifestyle
5) not take away precious time with my husband and people I care about, through maintenance, cleaning, and moving.

So why this 'living simply' decision? Can't I just take some stuff to Goodwill and call it a day? Well, referring to the above list, I have concluded that A) my possessions must meet certain guidelines, both now and in the future, and B) I want knowledge and experiences to define the richness of my life, not something that sits on a shelf collecting dust. So it really is a lifestyle change.

And to be honest, I don't quite know where that will lead. I also don't know how much 'less' is enough, or how much I would like to simplify. But I do know there is truth in the age-old cliche of 'Less is More'.

This is the start of yet another journey towards simpler living- and less stuff, more life!

May all beings be happy!

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