Friday, December 14, 2012

Fake Buddha Quotes: An Update

Earlier this year I wrote posts about fake Buddha quotes and how to avoid them.  I thought it was important to let readers know that Bodhipaksa, who has gained some notoriety from exposing many popular Buddha quotes as fakes, now has a website completely dedicated to misattributed Buddha quotations. 

Here is the web address:

There are three things I like about this website- Bodhipaksa investigates where a fake Buddha quote actually came from, citing the true author/sources of the quotation (if in fact, they can be found). The next thing is that each fake Buddha quote is listed, in alphabetical order, in the fake Buddha quotes page (now 75 and counting!). Finally, the thing that makes this a really great site is that Buddha quotations that have been verified in scripture are also listed, making this a useful resource not only for seeking out the impostors, but also for finding Buddha quotations which are actually attributed to the Buddha. Very helpful!

This post was prompted by an article written in Forbes this month, where the author uses ten Buddha quotations to highlight important life lessons. Although I believe the author's heart and motivation are in the right place, several of the quotations are also unfortunately listed in the "All Fake Buddha Quotes" page in on Bodhipaksa's website. My hope is that in the future this will happen less and less, as people use as a resource to discern fact from fiction (or at least misattribution).

Do you think this will help reduce the occurrence of false Buddha quotations? Does all this matter? Will you use Bodhipaksa's website in the future? Please comment below! 

May all beings be happy!


  1. I have read some of those quote...

    Some sound modernize while others sound not that right...

    But some are still great quotes and advice...
    I would like to used some of those quote too...
    Of course I won't quote it under Shakyamuni Buddha... :)

    As long as these quotes help another, it really doesn't matter who said it.. :)

    Peace be with you.

  2. Hello xenusfreeman,
    Thank you once again for commenting. I agree that our instincts can play a role in determining whether something is really a 'Buddha' quote or not- as you say, some just don't sound right! However, although I agree some quotations are helpful whether or not the Buddha said them, we must also be careful that the words and teachings of the Buddha are not distorted, just for sentiment's sake.

    May you be well and happy!



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