Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dinacharya: My practice so far

It's been almost two months since I first started my journey of paying closer attention to the day's natural rhythms, and consistently performing several of the practices recommended by the Ayurvedic guidelines of Dinacharya. So far I must say that I am pleased, since I am already experiencing the benefits.  

So far I have consistently:

Gone to bed earlier
Used the tongue scraper
Drank warm water upon waking
Practiced Abhyanga (warm oil massage)
Written in a journal
Continued morning sun salutations

I have already made more changes than I thought I would, which surprises me because in the past positive change has been so difficult (or at least very slow) for me. As I've said before posts featuring my journey with Dinacharya will not be the major topic of this blog (of course, unless you want it to be!), but I will periodically post whatever insights I am able to make.

Thanks for reading this post. Are you also interested in Ayurveda? What attracted you to it? Do you feel that it has benefitted your life? How?

May all beings be happy!        

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