Thursday, January 3, 2013

Heads up: A 100-day meditation challenge

A major part of my purpose here at BCB is to inform others of things I learn about Buddhism, Buddhist spiritual resources, and happenings on the Buddhist forefront. 

And I have exciting news!

Recently I came across an awesome post on Bodhipaksa's (who you may now be familiar with due to my posts about his exposure of fake Buddha quotes) meditation website, Wildmind, announcing the beginning of the Hit the ground sitting! the 100-day meditation challenge

The challenge: Meditate each day for 100 days
The 'rules': 
1) sit for at least five minutes 
2) rather than being from midnight to midnight, a day is the time between waking and going to bed
3) walking meditation 'counts' 

Simple, right?

And, last but not least, Bodhipaksa offers some great advice. He says that when in doubt, just remember that you are redefining yourself. He offers this affirmation- 

"I meditate everyday. It's what I do. It's just who I am."

Though he encourages acknowledging that may not be true yet, believe that it is true. With your own  diligent effort, it will be in about 3 months' time. 

So in not wanting to steal any more thunder from Bodhipaksa's great challenge, I encourage you to read the Day One post of the 100-day meditation challenge for 'rules' and inspiration. And to keep up to date with the rest of the 99+ posts, please include the links for Bodhipaksa's two main sites: bodhi tree swaying and the Wildmind Buddhist Meditation Blog in your blog list. Finally, if you would like to read (or contribute to) the discussion, please navigate the posts from the Wildmind blog.     

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it was helpful to you. Please comment if you also plan to take the 100-day challenge! (PS: Don't worry about being 'behind'- I missed the first two days as well!) 

May all beings be happy!     


  1. Wow, awesome post. Thank you. This is actually very inspiring and helpful. 100 continuous days of sits/walks with the goal to better oneself and bring benefit to all beings. Beautiful, simple, elegant.

    This post is much appreciated, thank you again ^^

    1. Thanks Vaso, for your kind comment!

      I am glad you were inspired by this post. Please make sure you check out the links to get more details about Bodhipaksa's 100-day meditation challenge. Everyday he posts some information about meditation, which I have found both interesting and very helpful. (By the way, I am in no way associated with Bodhipaksa's blogs or websites, but just think that he has a great way of connecting with and informing people, so whenever I can I share what he's doing with my readers here at BCB.) Although I have missed a few days, so far the meditation challenge is going quite well for me. I hope you give it a try too!

      Thanks again for your comment- May you be well!


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