Saturday, January 28, 2012

What fear does to us

In my last post I pledged to live authentically, without fear

To follow up, I thought it would be relevant to discuss the impact fear has on our lives. I am no psychologist, but in my opinion fear often seems to be the root of many negative practices and emotions.

To name a few:

Apathy = fear of taking risks or asserting oneself.
Stubbornness = fear of change.
Jealousy = fear of loss, marginalization, and one's own inadequacies (real or imagined)
Timidness = fear of disapproval. 
Neuroticism = fear of ________ .

Prejudice is the fear of people or concepts that are different.

Of course, these examples are not textbook. Negative emotions can be complex, and caused by forces other than fear. For instance, stubbornness can help us navigate difficult times in our lives and make us stick to something we believe in, sometimes in the midst of substantial opposition. 

My point is that we start getting into trouble when emotions are rooted in fear. The emotion or state is no longer helpful, and also seems to last longer than it should.

"Fear: False evidence appearing real." ~ Unknown

Fear that is not based in reality, but in false perceptions leading to negative emotive states that can harm us and the people around us.

So, unless there is a lion chasing us down the street, we're better off without it!

In what ways does fear affect your life?


"Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop" ~ Usman B. Asif

May all beings be happy- and live without fear!


  1. When I let this word called self take control, that's when much of the time panic sets in.

  2. You are very right, Now! Thank you so much for commenting.


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