Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Mindful 15: First Testimonial

To elaborate on how the 'less is more' theme has helped me lead a more peaceful, mindful life, here is an example:

I love having a clean, uncluttered living space, but just like with everything else, often fantasy is in total discord with reality. About nine months ago I wrote a detailed list outlining many home projects, and fantasized how great it would be to get all that done- what a rush!! But about four months went by and I had barely completed two projects on the list. How sad and discouraging for me!

But after I had my little 15 minute epiphany, things were different. I looked at that first list and broke each project into bite-sized parts, taking about 15 minutes each. In the course of about a month, I accomplished more than I had in four, with SO much less frustration and exhaustion. I was amazed; my cupboards were neat, my bathroom tidy, my closet organized- and I did not have to spend one iota of valuable weekend "me" time to do it!

The key for me was evaluating my goals by determining how beneficial their realization might be to me and others. After determining what was important, I resisted the temptation to resort to my usual extremes. This gentler, age-old approach was just what I needed to work towards my goals with joyful mindfulness, and I believe it can help do the same for others. 

May all beings be happy!

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