Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Article: Vegetarianism and Inner Conflict

An interesting article in Shambala Sun features singer K.D. Lang and her ideas about vegetarianism. She recounts how after 21 years of strict vegetarianism, her teacher has encouraged her to start eating meat again. She discusses the potential issues and conflicts the suggestion of this change brings about, such as vegetarianism with compassion versus aversion. The article concludes her statement that despite what different traditions may recommend (or demand!), "what matters most is that whatever we do, whatever we eat, we do so with mindful awareness". Truly an interesting and thought-provoking piece.
I also thought this article was neat from the standpoint that I had posted here about this general issue, but from an omnivore's perspective. It is indeed difficult to tease apart why we eat what we eat, and why we don't what we don't. Are we eating said food because we are being truly mindful and compassionate, or because of aversion and/or obligation? It just goes to show how the mundane but very necessary aspects of life can shape and mold our spiritual path, for better or for worse!

May all beings be happy!

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