Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December Hiatus

Well, here I go again, absent for almost two months. And again, SO MUCH has happened since - I just can't seem to keep up with all the events and surprises that life has come up with these days. Since my last post, my husband and I have:

Made a trip to India
Gotten married (again!) in a Tamil Brahmin wedding ceremony
Made a journey to the former home of my husband's spiritual guru
Had many adventures with the US Consulate and visa processing
Missed Christmas and the holiday with my family in NYS
Experienced mind (and gut) bending jet lag

Of course, some of these adventures will not be as exciting for you as they were for us, so I don't think it necessary to bore you with all the details. But there will definitely be a post or two about our wedding/s, both American and Indian, as well as my impressions of the trip to India as a whole.

So that's that- Stay tuned! Oh, and Happy New Year- May all beings be happy in the year 2012!

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