Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's a sloth to do?

If I lived my life by the Seven Deadly Sins, I would say that I would be most guilty of Sloth (with Gluttony as a close second!). I love to sleep, and even though I am in my late 20's I still need (read: want) 8-10 hours a night. Plus, I am lazy and easily discouraged. I have made some progress over the past few years, but it has been a battle trying to take the initiative to go above and beyond the bare minimum. I would be fine with this situation, but I also have the disadvantage -and total contradiction- of being ambitious. (Did I mention I was a Gemini?) So it'll be interesting to see how this getting up early thing will work out!

Things I would like to do in my 'extra' time: 1) Practice yoga 2) Meditate 3) Write 4) Cook fresh food 5) Exercise and 6) Read.

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